Sunday, June 3, 2012

Probiotics Are Great For A Healthy Body

The food we consume everyday has to be digested and assimilated by the body for the production of energy and the functioning of the normal body. The process of digestion is helped by the presence of probiotics in the gut. When we fall sick, doctors prescribe antibiotics. Many of these medicines wipe out the good bacteria present in the body. To restore them, people consume probiotics. The good bacteria are available in its natural form in yogurt. However, enough numbers to restore the good bacteria may not be present in these natural supplements. So, manufactured products are suggested for maintaining a healthy environment in the body. These good bacteria are called the lactic acid bacteria. They are available in three forms that could benefit our body. The particular strain beneficial for your body can be found out from your physician.

These bacteria are prescribed for people with lactose intolerance. Such people lack an enzyme which converts the lactose into lactic acid. The good bacteria can do this conversion and can be used as a supplement to this enzyme. As they aid in the digestion process, they are known to be helpful in preventing colon cancer. They have anti-mutagenic properties and thus prevent the occurrence of cancer. Digestive system related problems can be alleviated by consuming a prescribed quantity of these supplements. In the long run, the immunity of the gut improves and many infections can be prevented. As the immunity increases, the body's resistance to pathogenic bacteria increases.

The dosage of these should be regulated. Consult a doctor for appropriate dosage and the frequency of intake. If high quantities are consumed they might cause bloating, gas and loose stools. Slight stomach discomfort may be experienced. As you take these for more number of times, you will understand the right dosage suitable for your body and the discomfort reduces. They are not medicines are artificially manufactured products. They are naturally occurring bacteria that have been accumulated in high dosages for helping the human body. They restore the natural balance in the gut and aid in the normal processes of the body. They are known to help our body create more antibodies which fight the disease causing pathogens. This will improve the overall immunity and prevent infections.

Other advantages of probiotics are being studied by experts. Some studies have shown the reduction of allergies in children with regular intake of these good bacteria. World Health Organization has recommended this for general health benefits to the human body. They are known to prevent infections in the urinary tract and vagina. They help in the overall increase of stamina and energy. Once the body is energetic and active, any infection can be prevented with ease. They are available easily from many online and local stores.